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Hungry for Jesus

December 16, 2011 9:53 am

This year has been filled with amazing and crazy changes. A year filled with struggle and letting go, sickness and slow healing, dreams and the road to its fruition. All an amazing adventure.

The answers, waiting, and praying have made me so grateful to know He holds me. Everything, everyone, and all my dreams are safe in His hands. Even in falling apart, I’m safe in His arms.

This Christmas season I have grown so hungry for Him. His story of this season. His reason for coming. His truth in the celebration. It has me excited and expectant for more of Jesus. Even in the middle of all that goes wrong. In spite of the stressors that come with living out my dreams. In it all, the hunger joyfully grows as I find more of Him.

Our house has been decorated with messages that fill my soul and lift my spirit every time I pass. I stop. I read. I think on the life words. We’ve also decorated with fun things so we laugh and enjoy.

I’m breathing in Celebrating with Jesus by Max Lucado. I’m feasting on Today in a Manger by Ian Strachan (thanks to Bonnie).

I received some extra special gifts when Dayspring tucked these, our Love Came Down mugs, into my shipment. Free for reviewing with Dayspring. They were exactly the ones I had wanted! One for David and one for myself. A privileged second gift. A book I put off buying and then last night found in our discount bookstore — One Incredible Moment by Max Lucado.

He knows the desires of our hearts and longs to grant them. He rejoices in the desires that line up with His, for us. He knows where we are financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally.

He knows it all. He knows us well. Still, He pours such grace and mercy. He outpours into us true love.

It all leaves me joyfully hungry for more of Him.

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